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LIEDSON presents



Silence above all

Modern Solution

A timeless and sonorous object, conceived with the aim of making dematerialized music live.

Contemporary / Modern / Minimal

Aesthetic Design

Do not use music to listen to your material, but our material to listen to music.

Style is everything

Minimal Approach

Unforgettable experience

  • Designed in France · 100%
  • developed in France · 100%
  • assembled in France · 100%

Several years of research and development were needed to develop this high-end DAC audio server "ORATORIO" .

A timeless design entirely designed and made in France. A visual and sound aesthetic incomparable.

Our design is based on noble and modern materials, using technical skills and expertise

The covers are machined in a noble wood chosen specially and individually for each device.

All products are assembled by hand (PCB / soldering / wiring / machining).

Our devices are subjected to rigorous tests and controls. .

What we look like

The Team

What it look like


Design Pure Elegance

The oratorio A timeless and sonorous object, conceived with the aim of making dematerialized music live..

From the first notes the Oratorio gives way to silence, the report S / B and the thermal noise having been pushed back to the limit of the measurable, the listening provided becomes magic! The richness of the details. The silky stamps. The magnitude of the sound stage. The Oratorio is above all a philosophy, to sit in silence to savor, Each listening becomes an emotion where we rediscover the albums.

Master Clock High precision clock

The importance of clock selection is critical to the overall performance of a DAC. Any jitter (tiny timing variations) or noise, will cause the DAC to perform analog conversions at incorrect and variable rates, resulting in clearly audible negative effects..

The ORATORIO uses crystal oscillators specially manufactured, according to very specific specifications. These oscillators provide dramatically lower jitter and noise compared to standard components. Two separate oscillators for 44.1 KHz (44.1, 88.2, 176.4 KHz) and 48 KHz (49, 96, 192 KHz). The clock section is powered by its own power supply, using ultra low noise regulation.


The digital-to-analog conversion is performed by a texas instrument circuit working in "DirectPatch" mode, this mode being used to cancel any noise and other digital artifacts..

The digital section is isolated from the analog section, with separate power supplies and separately regulated for each. Particular attention is paid to the layout of the circuit and the selection of components. A quality conversion starts with a clean, stable, low-noise power supply. A discrete dual power supply feeds the DAC into two ultra-linear and independent low-noise power flows. This discrete power supply offers optimal thermal performance to optimize insulation between all major components.

Components high end

Like our gold plated PCBs, the choice of the internal component remains a crucial element.takman-resistors

In particular TAKMAN (REX) resistors or Nichicon KZ type capacitors are essential to guarantee uncompromising musical quality. Each component is matched by hand.

all the difference.


Unique products

A timeless design that can blend into any interior..

Custom integration

Our devices are customizable, you can choose the type of wood that will best suit your interior.

Quality Control

Our devices integrate high-end components, selected and paired one by one.

Advanced technology

Our technology is based on the latest generation components combining reliability / speed / low consumption .

Sober, timeless, incredibly musical.

― Movincoil

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

― Leonardo da Vinci

Real music is silence and all the notes only frame that silence.

― Miles Davis
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